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Issue 1 2014(March Edition)

The first concentrated bidding of SGCC in 2013

Source:      Date:2013-05-20      Editor:     
METERINGChina--SGCC published the candidate companies list of the first bidding in 2013. The bidding amount increased 31.19% than last bidding and 39.72% than the same period in 2012.The bidding amount of concentrator, collector and collection terminal increased 270.13% than the first bidding of 2012, but decreased 12.77% than the last bidding. Indicated from the bidding winning result, for smart meter, the market is stable, market share of most of the leading companies increased slightly except for Hexing which rose sharply, for collection system, the market share for most of the leading companies decreased slightly, the market is still decentralized. The increase of bidding winners also indicated the fierce competition.
2S single-phase meter:
The bidding amount was 20.35 million units with a 32.63% increase than the first bidding in last year and increased 27.04% than last bidding. The top3 companies were Hexing winning 1.11 million units, occupied 5.48%; Linyang winning 0.99 million units, occupied 4.90% and Wasion winning 0.84 million units, occupied 4.13%.
1S three-phase meter
The bidding amount was 1.73 million units, increased by 54.94% from last year and 49.68% from last bidding. The top3 companies were Sanxing winning 136.8 thousand units, occupied 7.88%; Hexing winning 121.4 thousand units, occupied 6.99% and Wasion winning 117.7 thousand units, occupied 6.78%.
0.5S three-phase meter
The bidding amount was 134.8 thousand units, increased by 77.61% from last year and 39.70% from last bidding. The top3 companies were Linyang winning 79.3 thousand units, occupied 58.86%; Wisdom winning 27.2 thousand units, occupied 20.19% and Holley winning 17.8 thousand units, occupied 13.23%.
0.2S three-phase meter
The bidding amount was 9.2 thousand units, increased by 62.40% from last year and 204.81% from last bidding. The top3 winners were Sanxing winning 7.8 thousand units, occupied 85.15%; Hexing winning 1.2 thousand units, occupied 13.22% and Holley winning 0.2 thousand units, occupied 1.63%.
The bidding amount was 3.34 million units, increased by 360.86% from last year and decreased 15.31% from last bidding. The top3 winners were Holley winning 233 thousand units, occupied 7.00%;Nengrui winning 199.9 thousand units, occupied 6.00% and TRJ winning 174.7 thousand units, occupied 5.24%.
The bidding amount was 244.9 thousand units, increased by 131.53% from last year and 4.85% from last bidding. The top3 winners were Xilian winning 20.8 thousand units, occupied 8.59%;State Gridcom winning 20.7 thousand units, occupied 8.57% and Yupont winning 15.8 thousand units, occupied 6.51%.
Collection terminal
The bidding amount was 191.6 thousand units, increased by 104.63% from last year and 25.97% from last bidding. The top3 winners were Xietong winning 14.9 thousand units, occupied 7.78%; Wasion winning 14.8 thousand units, occupied 7.75% and Hexing winning 14.7 thousand units, occupied 7.72%.

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