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Issue 1 2014(March Edition)

Issue 1 2014(March Edition)

Source:metering china      Date:2014-03-28      Editor:     

Issue 1,  2014 (March Edition)


New technology (product) in 2013 and application in 2014

By Zhang ChunhuiIndustry export


Privacy, something that we will lose eventually

By Zhou Juxiang


New Technology &New products


Electricity Editorial

Summary of the construction of Metrology Centre of Jiangxi province power company 

By Wang Aimin, Metrology Centre of Jiangxi province power company 


Application research of SSL VPN network security technology in the Electronic trade settlement for power grid enterprises

By Ou Jiaxiang/ Zhang Qiuyan,Guizhou electric power test research institute


Research on the solution for the loophole  during automated meter reading &accounting for special power supply customers

By Yangguang,Xieyan, Tianjin Electric Power Company


Nonpolar RS - 485 chip with built-in resistance

By Zhong Shupeng/Lin Ling, Wangao(Hangzhou) technology Ltd.

Jiang Xueping, Electrician new material & microelectronics research institute of the smart grid research institute


Gas&Water  Editorial

Centralized metering for Water, electric, gas, heat meters and intelligentization in china

By Wang Shuduo,  researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of physics/ China's Department of housing construction expert committee member/CDHA Technology Committee member


Introduction of the present situation and development trend of IC card gas meter

By ZhangJunSuzhou Gas Group


Analytics on the existing problems and the construction principle for smart water grid

By Lu Yuchen, Jiang ShiboYi Chunlai, Shenzhen water (group)


Research and build of the technical standards of the intelligent water meter system

By Yao Ling, Ningbo Water Meter/ Water meter research institute of zhejiang province


Advice on the meter reading reform for Tap water company

By Xing Weihua, Smart water meter alliance


Discussion and Suggestions on the the implementation of the ladder water price in china

By Yaoyu Henan Xintian technology Ltd,



A new generation of on-chip system of ultrasonic water meter

By Acam measurement electronics co., LTD


Application of camera reading technology in remote meter reading system for water and gas meters

By Niu Yingqi, Hangzhou Zhongziguoyu technology Ltd.


How much on earth will Ladder water price policy promote the development of smart water meter industry?

By Erin Huo, Metering China Magazine


Shanghai Gas set a new record of daily supply of 30.97 million cubic meters/

Global natural gas supply will be based on multiple centers/

Ericsson and Itron open European smart gas meter promotion/ /

European and north American Smart water meter market will reach 5.18 billion US dollars


International Review

Motivation and prospects for German smart meter deployment 

German experience of energy transformation sketch

Egypt power shortage:  rob the rich to feed the poor, everybody loses



The smart metering market opportunities in Europe

Japan is expected to complete smart meter deployment before the end of 2024

Danish utilities alliance will purchase 153000 smart meters from Kamstruo

2014, State Grid and China SouthernPower Grid strategically  “go out”, will the meter industry benefit?

AMI is the motive force of industrial upgrading, User interests is fundamental to success

TD-LTE wireless private network technology enjoyed brick sales for the construction of distribution network automation

Where is the way for the meter manufacturers to broaden it’s product line

Denmark is Writing a Fairy Tale of Green Energy

Are you prepared to explore the overseas market

How Energy metering data will serve the the new urbanization construction in china

On the topic of wireless data reading for smart gas meters

AMI deployment in Europe area update

Are you ready to win in international market 2014?

Shanghai lead the Joint meter reading&billing for water/electricity/gas meters

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